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“Her stories stand out from the masses of cookie cutter romances and can often touch on subjects that others might shy away from.  FLYING was just that.” ~Under the Covers

There are few authors that can make me like pretty much anything they set their minds to writing.  Megan Hart is one of those few.  Her stories stand out from the masses of cookie cutter romances and can often touch on subjects that others might shy away from.

FLYING was just that but at the same time, the topic of the book was unusual in a way only Ms. Hart can do.  Stella becomes a master of seduction every other weekend.  She flies standby somewhere we can she can come back the next day or in two days.  She wears a disguise, becomes someone else and picks her guy.  After that one night stand she comes back to her life.  Her son.  Her job.  She’s divorced and hasn’t dated since.  She just has her flying to set her free.

This concept was incredibly simple but Ms. Hart’s beautiful writing made it captivating and enthralling.  And Stella’s journey and emotions took me on that ride along with her.  Right or wrong.  Because this book is about her journey, not the sexual prowess of her sexcapades, but how she deals with her current life, how she escapes.  And how she can also find too.  Along the way she meets Matthew.  I can’t say I was convinced of their connection at first, and he has his own issues he’s not ready to face right away.  Just two pretty damaged individuals that in the end may be able to help each other.

My only complaint?  I felt the ending was cut short.  However, FLYING was a deep and emotional, enjoyable read.  It felt a bit less raw than others I’ve read by this author.  The best I have to explain it is that it felt more like watching a good movie than being in the movie.  Oftentimes, with Ms. Hart’s books, I become very involved with the characters.  With this one, I was the spectator.  I think that’s the only thing I missed.


*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Never heard of Megan Hart before, but this review caught my attention because…well we have the same name. And I like the last name too. And then I enjoyed the cover as well, so I might have to keep a look out for this author.

  2. You realize that Ms. Hart broke my erotic cherry a very long time ago. In my opinion she is the best erotic author in the business. She writes smart, sexy, messy, emotional books that yes, sometimes I don’t agree with but that’s the point. She has said it herself, sex is mess, love is messier.

    I pre-ordered the book. Yes, I did. I have all of her books on my keeper shelf and I never miss anything that she writes. Dirty is still my all time favorite of hers. I re-read that book at least twice a year. Dan has to be the most patient man ever…

    Great review and I can’t wait to start reading it.