“…the perfect escape book.”

~ Under the Covers

I knew I wanted to read this book since the moment I saw the cover.  And then reading the description made me want to even more. A woman sailing by herself as a last tribute to her dead fiancé. It seems like a story that would have a great message of strength. And at its core, I think FLOAT PLAN delivered on that.

Some of the things I liked the most about the story was the independence and strength that our heroine shows in taking that decision. Doing something out of her comfort zone in a way to also find herself and work through her grief and guilt. It deals with the subject of suicide and mental health in a good way, also showing hope and healing. The aspect of personal growth and self discovery in the heroine’s journey was actually my favorite thing about this story.

Second to that was the setting. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that takes on the “road trip” idea and puts it out at sea, but it was so much fun!  Sailing from island to island through the Caribbean was just a lot of fun to see, especially as the heroine gets to know the hero. It brought a bit of lightness to the feel of this book that was the perfect backdrop to the more emotional issues it deals with.

Now when it comes to the romance, and as much as I did like the hero of the book, I think I wasn’t as sold on it because for me it felt like it was a bit too soon for her. It is a slow burn so at least that was good, but I couldn’t get behind it 100%. But I will also say this wasn’t a super romance-y book. It’s more of a women’s fiction with a love story in it.

FLOAT PLAN seems like the perfect escape book.  It’ll take you on a wanderlust physical journey through beautiful places, as well as a more introverted journey of emotions. That is something this author did well and I’ll definitely read her again.

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