“Flash Fire will make you laugh, cry happy tears but mostly, remember why your teenage years (or at least mine) were the BEST.”

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Oh to be a teenager again! And even more, to be an EXTRAORDINARY teenager (emphasis on the EXTRA, please). Just the tought of sneaking around with your boyfriend (or girlfriend) and having your Dad walk in, exactly at the same time your bedroom echoes the phrase ‘BLOW ME’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣…

And that my friends is how ‘Flash Fire’ kicks off and becomes one of my FAVE books read thus far this 2021. To be honest, I dove into this book with the exact mindset you are supposed to being an adult who loves YA: just ENJOY IT.

After hundreds of books and a few dozen YA authors, giving Tj Klune the chance to prove himself as a masterful teen story teller was a no brainer since I’ve been a hardcore OG fan of his since day and book one, many, many, many, many moons ago. Did he changed his writing style now that he joined the ranks of high profile authors belonging to the NYT Bestsellers? I say it became a sharper style, but he didn’t lose his signature humor, sarcasm and wit. If you ask me what I think about this latest book? I’ll tell you that he is just plain and simple, a BRILLIANT author. Period. ‘Flash Fire’ -the sequel to last year’s ‘The Extraordinaries’- just proved my point.

And for that exact reason, going back to Nova City was the mental equivalent of traveling Disneyland on steroids.

I refuse to spoil this for you guys. This book DESERVES to be enjoyed in any and every format (cause his all time fantastic narrator Michael Lesly takes the cake here again with the audiobook) but what I will twll you is that no matter how ‘Extraordinary’ any character may or may not be, they are still TEENAGERS, and Lord HAVE MERCY, Tj portrayed these teens as realistic and dramatic and overbearing and HORMONAL as possible. After reading the first three chapters you simply CANNOT deny that everything Nick, Seth, Gibby and Jazz go thru is possibly a reflection of your OWN teenage years. It’s an ode to the supreme drama that floats around each teen at that perfect age where your heart melts when you see that boy or girl you like and the butterflies build a colony in your stomach. Yep, it has action, love, sweetness, drama, and though some things MIGHT seem predictable, they really end up NOT like you believe they will. Trust me on this. This book has EVERYTHING.

After the EPIC battle Nick and Pyro Storm fought against Shadow Star, everything SEEMED to be somewhat going back to normal, but not everything CAN go back to what it was, and Nova City is just preparing for another wave of not only new and brilliant Extraordinaries to join Pyro Storm in his mission, but we also see the possibility of not only one more story, but at least two more. I have my hopes high here, but I am a HUGE sucker for teenage drama (even more if this includes queer super heroes).

In short: Fash Fire brings the adventure and humor you would expect in your average YA story, but it also has those deeply rooted family ties Tj has mastered to portray over the years in every one of this books. Tj is an EXPERT storyteller when it comes to family bonds, blood and none blood related, and he manages to make you shed a tear or two with the way each story unfolds and the messages he wants to share. Flash Fire will make you laugh, cry happy tears but mostly, remember why your teenage years (or at least mine) were the BEST. ❤️

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