FINDING MASTER RIGHT is a very quick read. It’s light, funny and very cute. ~ Under the Covers

Chase and Derek attend a leather convention together in the hopes of learning more about the BDSM lifestyle. However, when Chase’s ex is attending too, he feels as if he needs to go hide into a hole. Temptation lies on a few feet away where Derek stands, the sub that he’s been dying to top. Things are made complicated when Derek doesn’t want to be seen as the rebound sub for Chase. They fight the attraction that lies within them until jealously makes it too much to bear.

FINDING MASTER RIGHT is a very quick read. It’s light, funny and very cute. I thought that the beginning took a little long to get into the action, simply because we are getting both Chase and Derek’s POVs. They desire each other from a distance, but they don’t act on it, thinking that this is not what the other wants. When Master Raul enters the picture and shows them exactly what they are missing, they begin to realize that maybe they are perfect for one another.

That being said, for most of the book, it’s really a communication problem between the two. They assume too much about the other so when they finally talk about it in the end, the resolution felt a little too swift for my liking.

All in all, I enjoyed the banter and the character POVs. I also found the BDSM element to be very appealing. Witt always writes a feel-good read.

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