ARC Review: Final Lap by Erin McCarthy

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ARC Review: Final Lap by Erin McCarthy
Final Lap
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Released: October 7, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304

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“FINAL LAP was thoroughly enjoyable. A smart heroine who thinks she isn’t sexy enough.  A hot hero who is the player type.  And sparks that sizzled the pages.” ~ Under the Covers

This book made me happy.  Why, you may ask?  Because it made me think back to a few years back and the excitement of finding this series.  I can usually devour these in one sitting and they leave me completely satisfied with what I just read.  And quite frankly, the books that I’ve been coming across, haven’t been leaving that taste in my mouth.

FINAL LAP was thoroughly enjoyable. A smart heroine who thinks she isn’t sexy enough.  A hot hero who is the player type.  And sparks that sizzled the pages.

The premise was fun.  Harley and her twin sister, Charity go to a wedding where Harley (the smarter and less provocative of the two sisters) finds herself crushing on stock car driver Cooper Brickman.  When she sees the different ways that he acts around her as opposed to her sister they decide to swap dresses and she takes on her sister’s place to seduce him.  Which comes back to haunt her when Cooper needs a nanny to get his crazy sister in line and thinks of no one better than “maternal” Harley.

I loved seeing both sides of this story.  On one end there’s Harley who wants to be seen as the bad girl once in a while because she thinks that how she can land guys like Cooper, and on the other Cooper who may just be tired of the sex pots and finds himself attracted to a woman like Harley because she’s the type of woman to have a future with and marry.  There was a lot of grass is greener scenarios.

But this book is full of sweet and fun moments, camaraderie and friendships.  Something I’ve always loved about the series and that we see more of here, is revisiting those old friends.  Seeing how their lives are progressing.  Harley and Cooper are a perfect addition to the couples we’ve already met.  They are just laid back, simple fun.  Well, not so laid back when it comes to sex…where Harley’s wild woman side comes out to play.

If you haven’t read the Fast Track series yet, then you are missing out.  They work just fine as standalones but I recommend reading them all anyway so you might as well start with book one.  Fall in love with these wonderful men and feel like you’re one more of the girls in this great group of heroines!

Now, Ms. McCarthy…. There’s more, right?

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About Erin McCarthy

USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in 2002 and has since written almost fifty novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult, and adult romance. Erin has a special weakness for New Orleans, tattoos, high-heeled boots, beaches and martinis. She lives in Ohio with her family, two grumpy cats and a socially awkward dog.


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  1. I read the one before this one and loved it. I look forward to reading this one too, but I think I’ll take your advice and go back for the whole series.

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