Fighting Kat amped up the action and romance and kept me riveted to the page ~ Under the Covers

Although Kat Darah and Lt Chris Rygard’s relationship has been short, it has been intense. So when him and his men are discovered missing Kat knows she will tear through anyone who stops her finding him. But, when she locates Rygard, together they then must find the rest of his men. But the only way they will survive is if Kat embraces her shapeshifting abilities and risk losing Rygard as he witnesses first hand the dangerous predator she is.

I couldn’t put this book down! I really liked the first book in this series, Hunting Kat, but Fighting Kat I loved, it built upon the first book and showed us more of Kat and Rygard and the supporting characters as well as the hard and sometimes brutal universe they live in.

The more we learn about Kat the more I like her, in this book we see a darker more violent side as they all have to fight to survive and as Kat comes to term with her inner cat. But, although she can be wicked vicious she has a tender spot for those she views as hers and you see her unleash her violent side to protect them. Her romance with Rygard is also to two extremes, at times it is sweet and other times they are steaming up the pages of my kindle. I also like that time is spent getting to know the secondary characters and I find I care about them almost as much as the main couple and helps drag me into the story more, I am even emotionally invested in their pets!

The setting in this book was also interesting as they spend a lot of time fighting in a gladiator type environment to try and get to Rygard’s men. This meant the book was full of action as they literally had to fight to survive and try to escape. What made it more intriguing and tense was the presence of a character who was completely untrustworthy yet who they had to rely on and I hope he makes a reappearance in the future, he was completely amoral but made a great frenemy.

This was a fantastic read, and this series keeps getting better, Fighting Kat amped up the action and romance and kept me riveted to the page. If you want to start a series that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing then I recommend you give this one a try.

* ARC provided by author

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