“I think I just expected more.” ~Under the Covers

I can’t tell you how excited I was to crack open this book!  I really enjoyed book one in this series and the character I fell in love with was Jace.  The overbearing brother who shares his women with his best friend.  And then I started reading FEVER and…wondered what happened?

Let me start by saying a big reason why I thought this was just an okay read was the heroine.  I wasn’t too excited about her from the very beginning.  She’s not very strong in general and to pair her with such a domineering man, well he steamrolled right over her sometimes.  I think he needed someone that would’ve been able to challenge him more, like Mia did for Gabe, not a delicate flower.  Plus there’s the fact that I never really get over the fact that I’m not sure what her motivation for being with Jace really was.  See Bethany is a little down on her luck, has been her whole life, and has learned to live on the streets and in shelters.  Then in swoops multi-millionaire Jace and tries to save the day.  Not doing the best things for me.

But not only was the heroine not my type, Jace turned into a bit of an a$$…you know what I mean.  He doesn’t listen to reason when his best friend Ash tries to protect him.  He acts like a douche to EVERYONE around him in this book, for a good part of the story! Including one instance with Ash and Bethany where I almost wanted to reach across the pages and slap him silly.  What happened to the man I fell in love with in RUSH?

But all that aside, the story in general is ok.  There’s some intrigue, generated mainly by Bethany’s “brother” who is not really her blood brother, more like a foster brother.  He gets in with some bad people and their way of getting back at him is through Bethany so Jace has to step in and protect her.

The book is sensual as usual with a Maya Banks read and Jace was hot, of course, but… I think I just expected more.  At the very least I expect Jace to show up, not his alter ego.

I don’t think I can even say this book made me excited to read about Ash, but I’ll make myself remember that he was hot in RUSH and that he was at times the voice of reason and the strong but sensitive lead in this book, who got the sour end of the stick where his best friend was concerned, and then I’ll be all excited and prepared to read his story.

Sounds a bit like I didn’t like it, I did, it was enjoyable, just not as strong of an addition in this series as I would’ve liked.

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  1. I love anything that Maya Banks writes… This book has been on my tbr list since I first heard she was writing the series…