Debut author Joan Swan takes you on a pulse-pounding, no-holds-barred, suspense-driven ride from beginning to end!

Doctor Alyssa gets caught up in a royal mess. Two inmates, working together have taken her from her workplace and brought her along a ride that changes the course of her life. Scared beyond reason, Alyssa tries to wrap her head around the situation that is happening to her. I found that I really liked Alyssa. She showed courage in times when I would have crawled into a ball and wept. Joan does a fantastic job of evoking emotions from her characters. I felt Alyssa’s fear and her frustration.

Teague Creek is one of the inmates who have taken Alyssa. While he is the less violent of the two inmates, he is still scary as hell. I had a hard time liking Teague. He was pushy, demanding, frustrating and dangerous, but through the course of the book, there are glimpses of another side of him. The author eases the softer side of Teague slowly and when I saw these glimpses, I wanted to know more about him. However, I did have a problem with the racial slurs in this book. I found it difficult to read and although it was meant to make me hate a particular character, I do think there are better and more effective ways to accomplish this.

I mentioned earlier about feeling Alyssa frustration and what I mean by that is that Teague has several secrets that he holds back from Alyssa. Not one to simply do things as she is told, Alyssa stands up to Teague more than once. Again, I have to commend her for her courage. Teague is still a convict, after all.

But whenever Alyssa was frustrated with Teague, I was as well. I loved that she pushed him, asking him to trust her with his secrets. Teague bottles things in and his frustration is evident as well when his plans don’t go his way. However, all this is understandable because what Teague is after is very important and holds his heart.

In other circumstances, Alyssa and Teague would have found each other eventually. But I think with this thrill ride of a story, Joan Swan brings in the action and the suspense to another level, making their meeting a memorable and lasting one. Even in the early pages of the book, you can already see the natural way Alyssa and Teague interact with one another.

There is also a slight paranormal element in this book. Teague has a hot touch. Literally. However, to him, the gift is more of a curse. He doesn’t know how to wield his talent, so more often than not, he is harming someone by accident. As he struggles with this gift and towards the goal he desperately seeks, I grew to like Teague a little more. Reading about his struggles made me admire his determination.

All in all, FEVER is a solid start for a new series that blends the romance and the suspense in perfect unison, topping it off with a dash of the paranormal.

*ARC provided by author

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  1. I wonder if its the title, but this guy holding onto his secrets and being dangerous sounds like Barrons.

    I have this one on my wish list already.

    Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. Great review! I love the cover and book sounds intriguing!
    Thanks for the contest!
    Bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com