If you are looking for a quick read to get those PNR juices flowing, this is for you! ~ Under the Covers

Jace Warden of the Las Vegas Shifters is one of the few Shifters who can control his Collar and wild animal instincts, so it’s no surprise when he is summoned to the Austin Shiftertown for help in an experimental collar removal.  But things seem to take a different turn when upon his arrival he meets Deni Rowe, a feral shifter in need of help.  Jace knows that he can help control Deni’s wild animal instincts. But what Jace can’t seem to understand is how untamed he can become when Deni is around.

Deni Rowe has never been the same since her motorcycle accident. Her collar now malfunctions from the crash and she is now known as the feral shifter in the Austin Shiftertown.  Deni just can’t seem to control her wolf and its need to fight and dominate.  But things change when she meets Jace.  Jace knows how to ground her and he proves to be her savior in becoming the shifter she once was.

Jace and Deni seem to have a passion and need for one another that came from the instant they met.  This is no get to know you and make out story.  Let me paint a picture for you. Sex…..Standing up……. Out in the open…… Now go from there.  Not only are Jace and Deni connected sexually but a mere touch from the other can calm their soul and give them the comfort they need.

Feral Heat could have definitely been a full length with a bit more action and a lot more of Jace and Deni lovin! Even if you have never read the Shifters Unbound series in its entirety, you won’t find yourself lost or confused at all.

So, if you are looking for a quick read to get those PNR juices flowing, this is for you!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I haven’t read any Jennifer Ashley books, but they sound good. Thanks for sharing about this one.

  2. Sophia, you won’t be disappointed. I just started the Shifters Unbound series and it’s a great world! Hope you enjoy!