“You could say that I devoured it!” ~Under the Covers

FAMILY MAN took me by surprise when I picked it up after coming home from work.  It grabbed my attention and didn’t let it go until I had finished the last word before I went to bed.  You could say that I devoured it!

Set in Chicago, Vince is a member of a close nit Italian family and not a spring chicken.  He’s been married three times, divorced three times.  Hasn’t found the happiness he was looking for in love or his job.  And then one day he starts wondering if there has been an attraction to men before and maybe he should pursue it.  He ventures out to a different part of town to a gay club hoping to avoid anyone that would know him and test the waters.

Instead he finds Trey Giles there.  Younger than him, still in college, and a kid well known by his family.  But also the same kid that has caught his eye while eating in his family’s restaurant.  As much as he wants to resist, the approach of the non-dates gets him giving that first step.

Their relationship was sweet and full of emotion.  They both have some major issues to deal with.  Vince coming to terms that he is gay, and then having to come out to his family.  Trey having issues with his addicted mother and the responsibilities of taking care of his household.  Trey is very mature which makes this pairing work for me and Vince didn’t fight who he was once he made the decision to find out who that was.

This is another winner by this amazing writing duo!  I can’t wait to see what they do next because I KNOW I’ll love it!

*ARC provided by publisher



Authors Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton share what they’ve done “Under the Covers” at GayRomLit 2012

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