“All in all, FALL WITH ME is charmingly sexy with a dash of action and suspense to top it all off.” ~ Under the Covers

Officer Reece Anders wants to apologize to Roxy after their one night stand. Roxy has been in love with Reece since the age of fifteen. However the fact that Reece feels bad about their night together makes Roxy want to puke. Because the truth is, it didn’t happen and since Reece was so drunk, he doesn’t know that.

Jennifer Armentrout’s fourth book in the Wait For You series starts off a little odd. Roxy isn’t your conventional heroine. She’s a little quirky and so getting settled into her mind was a difficult challenge. Armentrout also spends a lot of time joking around with the previous characters in the series so it’s awhile before I felt like some progress was made between the hero and heroine in this story. I also noticed that her writing has changed a little bit. It’s younger sounding, more YA in voice than her first two books in the series. This especially comes across when Roxy doesn’t swear like your average teenager. When she says things like “mother pucker”, etc I feel like if you’re old enough to be having sex, it’s probably okay for the character use real swear words.

The major conflict between the hero and heroine was okay. Since it’s based on a misunderstanding and secrets, it didn’t really stand as something that couldn’t be easily solved by putting Reece and Roxy together. The stalker thread however is what added something special to this book. It gave this book an almost thriller-like edge that I think a lot of readers will enjoy.

All in all, FALL WITH ME is charmingly sexy with a dash of action and suspense to top it all off.


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  1. I’ve heard good things about the other books in this series….so maybe i’ll give it a try…thanks annie

  2. I didn’t continue the series after Wait For You, not because I hated it just because I wasn’t motivated to read more. This one looked good though because the guy was nerdy (I like nerdy dudes). Sometimes it bothers me when authors include a lot of recap in books. If I’m totally in love with the characters, I let it slide. haha.