ARC Review: Explosive by Tori St. Claire

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ARC Review: Explosive by Tori St. Claire
Book Info

Released: September 15, 2013
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
Series: Black Opals #3
Pages: 330

“…the passion in this book sizzled!” ~Under the Covers

I fell in love with this series from the get go.  Tori’s writing is flawless and engaging and the Black Opals have always managed to have a perfect mix of high stakes suspense and action with a scorchingly hot mix of sex.

EXPLOSIVE is a bit like that, except with a lot less suspense.  Maybe for me that’s why this was not my favorite in the series.  It’s still a very hot book with a good storyline and some danger woven in between, but I’m used to the highly sophisticated plots the author has given us before and quite frankly, I’ve been spoiled by that.

But while EXPLOSIVE isn’t as suspenseful, I was still invested in Alyssa and Jayce’s story.  This is definitely a more emotional book.  I love second chance romances and this one had miscommunication written all over the reasons why they fell apart.  They both have their demons, Alyssa more so because of her past.

The progression of their relationship was perfect.  Nothing rushed, even though their attraction was back full force from the moment they laid eyes on each other.  Years and what felt like betrayals all fell away and there was just passion.  And the passion in this book sizzled!

While Jayce tries to keep Alyssa safe he has to break down Alyssa’s walls.  Not an easy task given what she’s endured and hasn’t been able to get completely over.  Their love for each other was able to withstand time, separation, another man and a tragic past.  And in the end it was that love that pulled them both through.

I always look forward to the next Black Opals story and I’m definitely anxious for the next one, which I’m hoping will have to do with the setup that was laid out at the end of this book.

*ARC provided by author

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About Tori St. Claire

National Bestselling author Tori St. Claire grew up writing. Hobby quickly turned into passion, and when she discovered the world of romance as a teen, poems and short stories gave way to full length novels with sexy heroes and heroines waiting to be swept off their feet. She wrote her first romance novel at seventeen.

While that manuscript gathered dust-bunnies beneath the bed, she went on to establish herself as a contemporary, historical, and paranormal author under the pen name, Claire Ashgrove. Additionally, she writes strictly historical romance as Sophia Garrett. Her writing, however, skirted a fine line between hot and steamy, and motivated by authors she admired, she pushed her boundaries and made the leap into erotica, using the darker side of human nature and on-the-edge suspense to drive grittier, sexier, stories.

Her erotic romantic suspense novels are searingly sensual experiences that unite passion with true emotion, and the all-consuming tie that binds -- love.

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