ARC Review: Eventide by Elle Jasper

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ARC Review: Eventide by Elle Jasper
Book Info

Released: March 6, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Dark Ink Chronicles #3
Pages: 336

Riley is going through changes. Having been bitten by Victorian and Valerian, she has all that strigoi power in her and is starting to take over.

At first it’s just dreams, then she’s losing chunks of time. Her tendencies are becoming more evident and harder to fight. But of course, Riley thinks she can handle everything herself. Even when she’s getting out of control.

The pace of this book was a bit slow, I think, and a lot of that is because we spend a lot of time in Riley’s head and in her “dreams”.

Eli is still just as sexy and as in love with Riley but she keeps him at a distance for most of this book. Him and most of the other characters are left on the outside while her bond with Victorian is strengthened.

There are many ups and downs, and we even get to meet Victorian’s father. You’ll probably enjoy Riley’s new powers though. That is when the story started to get more interesting. She can now see something that happened in someone’s life just by touching them.

By the end of the book I felt like this was more about setting up where the series will go from here since its taking them to a different place and with a whole new group of people.

I find the current setting of the series to be one of my favorite things in the series because it’s that southern vampire type story I’ve always loved, so I’m a little skeptical as to how I’ll deal with the fact that they’ll be leaving there now. Nonetheless, I’m excited that there will be at least two more books in this series. I am curious to see how this new bond with Victorian will play into her relationship with Eli.

*ARC provided by publisher

Release date: March 6, 2012

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Elle Jasper spent her youth buried in the pages of Mary Shelley, Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, and Stephen King. Growing up on the salt marshes of Savannah, Georgia, she was always fascinated by the city’s ancient cobblestones, eerie church spires and Gothic Revival architect—as well as the dark, not-so-publicized side of Savannah, both steeped in tumultuous history. After an education at Armstrong Atlantic University, she forged her love of Gothic literature with an active imagination to pen her own stories. She is now a full time writer and lives amidst the moss and shadows of Savannah.

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