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ARC Review: Eternal Beast by Laura Wright
Eternal Beast
Book Info

Released: August 7, 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Mark of the Vampire #4
Pages: 355


How to even start this review without sounding like a fangirl……First, let me just make a few points clear:

a) I’ve been waiting not very patiently for Dillon and Gray to get their book since they first met.

b) Dillon is my favorite heroine in this series.

c) Gray is my favorite hero in this series.

All that could mean I’m totally biased when I say this but… ETERNAL BEAST is the best in the series!   Laura Wright did my two favorite characters justice and gave them an awesome story.  Their relationship has been building for a while now and it’s already gone through some ups and downs.  Gray has had a puppy dog love and attraction forever, Dillon has a hard shell to crack.  But not once do they give up on each other (well at least not completely) and they just didn’t fight what was obviously between them.

At the end of Eternal Captive we discovered a few things, one of them was that Dillon is a mutore.  She’s still a pureblood veana but she’s also a jaguar.  When she finds herself almost feral and not able to shift back to human after traumatic events, she finds out that only Gray’s touch can help her shift.  She asks, he gives.  He doesn’t have to ask, she volunteers.  Aside from what Dillon is I find the new set of characters in this book to be very interesting and I’d love to see more of each one of them.  After all they are family.

I love when a kick ass heroine shows a softer side and that’s where Dillon is at in this book.  But she’s still funny, flirty and lethal.  And then there’s Gray *cue swooning*.  That impure is amazing!  He fights to free his own people, risking even his life for his cause.  He would do whatever is necessary to keep his female at his side.  But he shows Dillon he cares in more ways than just the physical.  And together, well they are perfect!

While this book was heavy on the romance it still managed to tell such a complete story.  And it had me laughing more than once!  New developments in the overall story.  Someone is pregnant, someone’s mom comes to visit, the Order is causing havoc, more rescuing is needed at the Paleo.  We get to see others points of view, some of those I just can’t wait to read more about.

I did myself a favor this time around and didn’t read the teaser at the end for ETERNAL DEMON.  But I can’t wait for it!  Now, I’m running to lock Gray in my harem of claimed men.

 *ARC provided by publisher

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About Laura Wright

Author of the Bestselling Mark of the Vampire series, Laura Wright spent the early years of her life immersed in the worlds of singing, acting and competitive ballroom dancing. But when she started writing, she knew she’d found her true calling. Laura lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband, two children, three dogs, two frogs and two fish. She’s been thrice nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Award, and loves hearing from her readers.

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  1. Lol…you and your harem! Thanks for the review – I haven’t had a chance to start this series but it really, really sounds like I should…lol

  2. Maria, the harem only gets bigger and needs a lot of attention. 😉

    Laurie, let me know what you think when you read it!

    Amber, yay I’m glad you’re enjoying it as well!!!

    Timitra, hope you pick up the series when in need of something hot, funny and a bit snarky 🙂


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