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Electric Idol is the second book in the Dark Olympus series by Katee Robert and I absolutely loved it! Even more so than Hades & Persephone’s story. I think because it’s a new couple and it’s an extremely interesting couple. I absolutely loved the banter and sweet moments of vulnerability between Psyche & Eros, our main characters.

Psyche is one of the four daughters of Demeter, whereas Eros, son of Aphrodite and known to commit certain acts to the enemies of her mother, is the one person you do not want after you. As unlikely a couple as they are, after a picture and a pissed off Aphrodite, their paths become intricately connected.

Their relationship starts off as a forced marriage in order to save Psyche from becoming the latest body in the long list that Eros has in his closet. Obviously the “I had to kill you but now I married you trope” comes with interesting situations between our main characters, and seeing them start to commit and trust each other is absolutely divine. The development of the relationship between them, as well as seeing Eros slowly lower his guard and try to become vulnerable with Psyche was just incredible.

Psyche was a very interesting read for me, and seeing her insecurities surface and see her push them back time and time again was something I absolutely adored about her. I found I loved her character even more than her sister, Persephone.

In terms of hotness, I did feel that this one felt a bit lacking for me. I would have liked more passion and more angst between our main characters, especially after the first story that just left me breathless. In this one I believe the focus is more on the development of the relationship and the trust between them, and the author delivered this beautifully for me. It was more of a sweeter type of romance, which was an absolute turn compared to the first book.

And finally, in terms of danger there was a certain lack of urgency at times that made it a slower read for me. There is adventure, but at times I would have liked more of a plot driven story. It sort of felt that too much emphasis was made in the characters and not so much in the overall plot.

Having said that, I absolutely loved this next installment in the Dark Olympus series and I cannot wait to read the next book! It’s had me hooked from the start!

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