“Lara Adrian is a master at her craft! … This story has the perfect mix of interwoven threads that guarantee another amazing 10 books to come!” ~Under the Covers

Lara Adrian is a master at her craft!  She has taken a series that we all know and love and breathed new life into it.  Not to say all her previous books in the series weren’t awesome, but as the story arc came to a close with DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT we were left wondering….”Now what?”

EDGE OF DAWN starts twenty years after the events of DARKER AFTER MIDNIGHT.    The humans know about the Breeds, there’s been war, now there’s somewhat peace and stability.  This peace is a fragile idea though, and regulated by a Council with members of both kinds.

Our beloved Mira is now an Enforcer in one of the Order teams.  She’s suffered for many years the death of her one true love and childhood crush, Kellan Archer.  She’s hunted the rebel groups responsible for his death with passion.  She’s hardened her heart.  Gone is the sweet girl we first fell in love.

A mission gone wrong quickly puts Mira in the path of the new and maybe not so improved Kellan.  He is not dead and actually leads the human rebels against his own kind.  Mira comes to him as a prisoner but that turns into an alliance as they both can’t hide the feelings that have always been there.  After years of being apart, this is the one opportunity neither of them will be able to refuse.

But why are you reading what I have to say about the story?  You should be reading it!  This is one of the best Midnight Breeds books yet.  It’s a fresh start for the series, introducing a completely new enemy the Order and the Breeds have to face.  The rules of the game have changed by changing their world and the people around them.  Job extremely well done to Ms. Adrian.

However, it’s not all about erasing the past and starting fresh.  We still have all our favorite Breeds there.  They’re still loving strong and growing their families.  Most of them have little ones and not so little ones.  So look for cameos from some of your favorites.

EDGE OF DAWN will keep you on the edge of your seat while reading all the twists and turns that Lara Adrian has in store for you.  The romance between Kellan and Mira was almost perfect.  Kellan is all grown up and completely alpha male.  A male that takes what is his but still respects, and loves.  A male of honor.  Mira on the other hand is kick ass, but she’s not 100% of the kick ass Mira I was expecting.

This series now can go places.  Big places, many places.  The new cast the author introduces has me very excited for quite a few new books I see in the horizon and two characters in particular.  This story has the perfect mix of interwoven threads that guarantee another amazing 10 books to come!

Favorite Quotes:

“If I could keep you with me, hold you forever, I would.”

“I belong to you, Kellan.  There will never be another for me.  Not even if I can’t be with you. Not even if you’re gone.”

“Ever since then, since the very beginning, you’ve stayed with me. You’ve always have my back.”
“I always will,” she replied. Her voice was quiet, but her eyes were resolute. “When you love someone, that’s what you do.”

“He had her love.  She would always have his heart.”


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