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As a reader who is a fan of Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle series I was excited to read Asher’s story. Asher is a police lieutenant who moves himself and his 10 year old daughter to New Orleans to give them a new start after the loss of his wife and to be closer to his family. Lila is a college professor who had a difficult childhood and who is in the midst of an ongoing serial killer spree that is targeting her female students. Asher and Lila shared and incredible steamy night a year ago, and now as fate would have it are reunited once again as he is in charge of the campus serial killer investigation.

This read was fast paced and I did enjoy it, so much so that I wish it was not a novella and the relationships and storyline would have been developed in a more slow trodden and well detailed fashion. In other words I really wanted more! LOL. Asher and Lila’s previous encounter makes the storyline have a genuine feel to it. None the less there are the typical instalove, extremely fast paced occurrences that are the unavoidable outcomes of a novella due to its short length. Romantic suspense from Proby is a new element as I have not read any other RS titles by her. I did find the book a bit predictable (again novella cause and effect) and I will not say more on the topic as I do not want to spoil it for any of you. This release also served as a cross-over of sorts for her With Me in Seattle and new Boudreaux series which I believe was the genuine intent in this installment. Success, as I now have already purchased the first in the Boudreaux series Easy Love. For followers of the With Me series you will see a bit of Matt and Nic in this installment and that is always a nice touch, readers will also get to meet the Heroine of Easy Love Kate as she is Lila’s BFF.

Overall if you are new to the work of Kristen Proby this may be a great opportunity to take a dip in her talented writing pool and see how you enjoy her writing style before making a larger financial and time span commitment. That being said I will reiterate that I am a fan of the entire With Me series and would strongly recommend it. For now I will be diving in to Easy Love.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I’ve enjoyed the first few books in this series and need to get caught up on it.