“…instantly I was cheering the couple on to fall in love!”

~ Under the Covers

This instant love on purpose plotline made for such a fun take on a trope I normally struggle with falling for and made D’VAUGHN AND KRIS PLAN A WEDDING such a unique read for me. I’m not a huge tv watcher, but I do enjoy reading about reality shows similar to The Bachelor like in recent reads The Charm Offensive and If The Shoe Fits, and loved that like those two titles Higgins brings an added diversity element to the story that I wish we saw more of in books today.

Not only are D’Vaughn and Kris gay, but as women of color, these characters have a lot of adversity to face in their lives, even within their own families. So when D’Vaughn has the idea of using the show to come out to hers, and Kris hoping to fall in love and stay married instead of collecting the hundred thousand dollar prize for fooling everyone around them — instantly I was cheering the couple on to fall in love!

From the moment these characters met, it was obvious these ladies had chemistry and I really enjoyed the pacing and point of view Higgins wrote for each of our characters. I felt their personalities come alive in their actions and dialogue with each chapter and I was immediately pulled in by the story. Supporting one another from the very beginning, and standing up for one another when telling their families about the engagement made this relationship so believable, and easy to see why love at first sight could be possible, at least in my books!

The family members and best friends were such a welcome, wonderful addition to the story. Each member brought something unique to the book, and made me feel included as I read — I want a Cinta in my life! & Niesha! & to be a part of the family and their celebrations, who wouldn’t?! This dynamic gave me all the feels, and I really enjoyed how Higgins wrote these relationships in a way that made it so easy to believe their banter and love.

As a past event planner myself, I had such love for this book, and how the events were laid out in the setting of this show. From where the tapings and meet-ups took place, to how the stress of a fast-paced engagement played a part in their love story, Higgins captivated me with relatable moments and plenty of fun. I look forward to other books that bring a cast of characters so diverse, that gives me all the warm fuzzy feelings of this story!

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