“A highly anticipated book that lives up to all my expectations! ” ~Under the Covers

I have gone through a lot of stages and emotions with Raven in this series.  She started out as a very standoffish character for me.  She’s troubled and at the beginning of the series I couldn’t care less what her issues were I just wanted her bitchiness to go away and stop causing problems.  But as time went by I started to soften up a bit, just as she did as well, and wanted to see her get an HEA and some healing.  That being said, I’ve waited years for it!  As soon as I could get my paws on this, I dropped everything else.

And Ms. Dane did not disappoint me.  I felt an immediate connection to DRAWN TOGETHER.  The chemistry and just perfect pairing of Raven and Jonah was magical.  Jonah is everything Raven has needed to help her come out of her shell with enough of a stern attitude to keep Raven from acting out.  They were truly meant for each other.

I also loved seeing that Raven was able to shake up an otherwise methodical life that Jonah thought was all he had to live.  He’s lived by society and his family’s expectations for a long time and has suppressed a part of him.  I have to admit that Jonah might’ve shot up to my list of fave heroes in this series.  Maybe not more than Brody yet.  But I think a re-read of the whole series is due now so I can make an informed opinion, since it’s been so long.  Jonah is a very alpha man but tender and not pushy when the situation didn’t merit it.  He’s actually the type of dominant hero you wish to have for yourself in real life!  Gahhhh!

But I think that not only are you going to fall in love with Jonah, you’re going to fall in love with Raven.  I connected with her in this book more so than I thought I would.

It was a little bittersweet to read this book because we are coming to the end of the Brown Siblings.  One of my favorite series and I’ll miss seeing all the characters.  I care for each and every one of them!  Ms. Dane did a wonderful job at giving us a glimpse of all of them in this book and updating us on what’s going on in their lives.

DRAWN TOGETHER is a highly anticipated book that lives up to all my expectations!

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