Each and every one of the books in the Saint’s Devils series is a winner and each one so delectably different ~ Under the Covers

Appearing on her sister’s doorstep in London after three months on the run, Eleanor is confronted by Hillary St. John who has spent those months searching for his friend and fellow Devil, Roger’s sister-in-law, to no avail. How did this lady, dressed as a street urchin evade his expertise?

Eleanor Enderby has spent the last decade of her married life hidden away in her malicious husband’s home being sorely mistreated partly because she is unable to bear the poor excuse of a man an heir. Unable to take it anymore, Eleanor leaves him. Her plan is to conceal herself long enough that he declares her dead. Once that is done, he would remarry and conceive an heir with someone else.Then she would come out of hiding with a new identity and live her life without fear. In a perfect world that might be possible.

Hillary St. John has been rather adept at eluding the marriage mart. The man has no desire to wed, he has more interesting pursuits, such as keeping the Prince Regent out of trouble and having his misdeeds exposed among other investigative allures. He finds most women rather dulll in comparison to himself and until Eleanor appears in his path, he wouldn’t give a woman a second thought. At first he is fascinated with Eleanor because she so successfully hid from him , then he finds there is much more than meets the eye with this female. Can she possibly have as much intelligence and wit as himself?

Using the new identity of widow, Elizabeth Fairchild, Eleanor returns to London to her sister Harry’s home as her cousin. Making her debut in public, Hillary can’t stay away from the captivating woman. Seeing no recourse but to quench his thirst for her, Hillary begins an affair with Eleanor, and unwittingly falls for her.

When Eleanor’s husband ends up murdered and she is arrested as the prime suspect, Hillary and everyone who has grown to love Eleanor sets out to save her from the hangman’s noose. Can Hillary save the only woman he has ever loved from her demise?

Once again Samantha Kane’s brilliance shines. Each and every one of the books in the Saint’s Devils series is a winner and each one so delectably different. Hillary St. John has been with the series from the beginning and his evolution has been an enlightening one. The beaten down Eleanor flourishes once she transforms into the widow Fairchild . My favorite character, Wiley, has evolved from a down trodden street urchin to an intelligent man with a purpose and I eagerly await his chapter in the Saint’s Devils series. Devil in My Arms by Samantha Kane, is a winner, a story that definitely belongs on my keeper shelf. I thoroughly recommend it and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

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