Bad boy and hot chef, Nick Avalon was casted out of Los Angeles and forced to take a job in the hippie town of RedBolt but has plans to leave as soon as he is able. Little did he know that this small hippie town has more to offer in comparison to his old life under all the fame, women and booze.

Phoebe Mayle, a Ms. Know-it-all cafe manager, hires Nick and shows him just how much the town has to offer. And little did she know, Nick would teach her a few things as well.

This couple had major trust issues they needed to overcome. They were both proud, pigheaded and were obviously from two different worlds. It was a bit frustrating to me because the love and hate issue in the first half was a bit overwhelming. It gave the sexual tension a good build up but held back the full satisfaction in certain scenes. Nevertheless, they do get their sweet HEA and bottom line it was an enjoyable read.

Although this book is not a heavy BDSM, I do have to admit that Ms. Feisty did create a sexy and kinky chef I will never forget. There is also a scene with an orange and tequila that makes me want to just recreate the recipe. It’s a scene/recipe you won’t want to miss.

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