I have mixed feelings about this book. First of all I was under the impression this was a new series, my mistake, and I’m not up to date with the Primal series by Ms. Byrd. Some people are saying it’s a spin off, some people are saying it’s a continuation of the series, however if you haven’t read the rest of the Primal Instincts series it might not work as well for you as it should.  I might’ve been a little lost starting out. I feel that maybe my feelings would be a lot different if I had that background.

However, I had an immediate crush on the hero of this story. Ashe is very alpha and very hot, protective, intelligent and doesn’t fight the way things are going for him and Juliana. He knew Juliana was his mate even before they get thrown in a situation in this book, but figured he could stay away from her. Not now. But Juliana was just ok for me, not great not bad, just your average heroine that has some TSTL moments but that has a bit of a tortured past so you can’t help but feel bad for her.

The actual story had a lot of potential. Juliana just escaped prison and is seeking Ashe’s help to protect her family after her and the rest of the members of her family had assassination orders taken out on. Ashe is really her only hope. He’s a sort of an enforcer or cop, so he wars with his instincts of doing what’s right and bringing her in, or helping her. The catalyst there being the fact that he knows she’s his mate and have already started The Burning.

They spent a lot more time dealing with the sexual issues they had, and taking care of them they did, than actually dealing with the assassination attempts and the people that were after them. All the dirty work seemed at times to be behind the scenes. Now that is not a major concern but in my opinion the parts I enjoyed the most about the book where “under the covers”.

I do enjoy the world that Ms. Byrd has created. I’ve enjoyed it in the past and this was no different, the writing was also great. Now I just have to go back to finish reading her Primal Instincts series so I’m up to date!

Release date: March 20, 2012


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