Top 10 reasons why every paranormal romance reader HAS TO BUY this book:

  1. If you think the cover is hot then you better wear a bib while reading this, there will be major drooling going on. Hunks galore!
  2. It’s not all about the eye candy. What Living Girl doesn’t want tips for catching her own immortal man? This book has that and so much more fun with articles and quizzes!
  3. The excerpts are perfect for a LOTU virgin or an obsessed fan. Maddox and Paris steam up the pages with sneak peaks into their books.
  4. Speaking of LOTU, amazing casting of the Lords. I’m not even kidding, those demons are perfect. Only complaint… Cameo’s pic.
  5. The spoof ads. I was literally cracking up with all the immortal style marketing pages included. Not to be missed. Maybe my favorite part.
  6. This felt just like reading a Cosmopolitan at all times, with the added benefit that the topic was the immortal man. Excellent job by both authors at doing something so different but 100% well put together.
  7. The reader letters. Funny as hell and with some really good answers back. Because sometimes people just want to know if horn size is relative to… other things.
  8. Ever wonder what to cook for your immortal man? Have a party and don’t know what they’ll drink? Well there’s food and drink recipes that will be sure to make their mouth water!
  9. Horn condoms come in different sizes and flavors! LMAO You will find some of the funniest comments and ideas.
  10. Last but not least. I left this laying around a few times and my boyfriend would look at it and start laughing over some of the ads or lines, even the icebreakers. And he can care less about all my other books, so you if you can manage that then know you’ve got a hit!

So what are you waiting for? You HAVE to buy this. Every PNR household should own a copy!

* ARC provided by author

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