“If you are looking for a quick read that is sweet but has depth and character growth, then check this out.”

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I’ve been a fan of Kate Willoughby’s hockey romances for years and when I saw she was writing in this “universe” I knew I had to read it.

DARKROOM is about an Asian American girl who was adopted at a very young age by a white couple. She’s grown up not really embracing her Chinese heritage and feeling a bit out of place in both worlds. Adding to that is the fact that she was born with a Port-Wine birthmark on her face, the source of much bullying in her younger years and what has led her to covering it up with tons of makeup all the time.  Now in college, when she starts dating a star player in the hockey team, her fears from bad past experiences make it hard for her to be able to open up.

One of my favorite things about Kate Willoughby’s books is her love of hockey and how it shines through. I admit this wasn’t as much an important part of DARKROOM as I had anticipated. Nevertheless, this book does tackle some issues that players have to deal with especially when it comes to mental health. I was glad to see that our hero leads by good example and doesn’t shy away from seeking help.

You guys know by now that I’m not the biggest fan of insta love and at times this felt too insta-lovey for my taste. But as far as these two being a cute couple and extra supportive of each other, can’t complain.

If you are looking for a quick read that is sweet but has depth and character growth, then check this out. I was happy to go on this journey with our main characters and especially our heroine as she had a lot of baggage to overcome. Do I think it’s the most believable that she was able to get there so fast? Not really. Was it a bit of a “love fixes all”? Maybe.

While DARKROOM isn’t the most believable story, I certainly appreciated the insight it can give into some struggles. And in the end, I think it handles all of them with grace and in the right way. Even if a bit rushed.

As always I’ll continue to wait for another hockey release from Kate Willoughby.

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