“This is the thirty-fifth book in the series, but it still feels fresh and unique…”

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Dark Tarot is the story of Sandu Berdardi and Adalasia Ravasio, and Feehan has delivered yet another emotional, steamy, action-packed paranormal romance. Sandu is one of the Carpathian ancients from the monastery who came to the United States to help those residing in Tariq Asenguard’s stronghold and find his lifemate. He is nearing the end of his endurance and considering meeting the dawn or returning to the monastery when his lifemate shocks him by reaching out to him telepathically. Adalasia is a powerful psychic who uses a family deck of tarot cards to do readings on people, and her reading on Sandu has told her that their futures are intertwined and fraught with peril and danger. Sandu and Adalasia quickly learn that their fate is connected by more than just the expected lifemate bond, as her tarot cards have set them on a path that has been foretold for centuries.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed about the Dark series is how there’s no risk of cheating between the couples (like ever). While the ancient male Carpathians have certainly accumulated a lot of knowledge over the centuries in the hopes of being able to pleasure their future lifemates when they find her, they don’t acquire the knowledge through untold numbers of sexual conquests. When the lifemates have sex for the first time, it is almost always the first time for both of them.

For those who are interested in seeing how some of the couples from previous books are doing, you’re in luck! Dark Tarot takes Sandu and Adalasia on a journey where they meet with many different Carpathians around the world. From the legendary Daratrazanoff twins to Danutdaxton and the formidable de la Cruz brothers, it’s practically a world tour. I’m always happy to see couples from previous books in a series living out happily ever afters, and it was intriguing to see how each Carpathian has set up their homes (some are very comfortable living in cities while others live practically in the middle of nowhere in the forests).

This is the thirty-fifth book in the series, but it still feels fresh and unique with the introduction of the ancients from the monastery and each female having very different powers (no ones ever wielded tarot cards in the previous books). The secondary relationship in Dark Tarot of brotherhood between the ancients of the monastery is encouraging. I love how each male gives their “brothers” purpose and a reason to keep enduring by having them help protect their newly discovered lifemate (as all females are sacred in the Carpathian culture). The ancients may not be able to connect to their emotions yet, but it helps to be a “protector” rather than just a “hunter” or a “slayer of the undead”.

There are a lot of ancient Carpathians still without their lifemates (and who got hints on where to find them in this book), so the possibilities of who will be featured in the next book are endless. I can’t wait to see who will find their lifemate next in Dark Whisper when it comes out in 2022!


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