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DARK SKYE is a book lovers’ heaven.  You can get lost among the utter perfection of its pages and adventures, the banter and the seduction.  This story has it all!” ~ Under the Covers

There are times you crack open a book and you just know you will fall in love.  That was my feeling as soon as I started reading DARK SKYE.  I haven’t been this giddy and excited about a book in a long time and just as I was excited to dive in, I was also really nervous.  Will it live up to all my GREAT expectations?

Reading DARK SKYE was like rediscovering a great connection to an old friend.  It made me feel again what it was like to read a truly amazing book.  Sadly, I do feel like this level of writing and talent is missing in books these days.  But trust the masterful Kresley Cole to bring me to that happy place again.  DARK SKYE is a book lovers’ heaven.  You can get lost among the utter perfection of its pages and adventures, the banter and the seduction.  This story has it all!

Rich world building, amazing character descriptions – so many new species, and one hell of an adventure.  Kresley Cole doesn’t pull any punches with this one.  DARK SKYE is, without a doubt, the most action packed, edge of your seat adventure she’s written thus far in the series.  It’s a captivating tale of romance that beats all odds.  A second chance at love that transcends time.  And these were the two most perfect characters for this story.

Thronos is my newest book boyfriend.  Chained in my basement of men I lust over.  A male so intense in his love and his passion that will make you swoon.  Yes, I did quite a bit of that in this book.  First of there’s the fact that he has it ALL.  Fangs, wings and horns.  Be still my galloping heart.  And he’s a virgin hero.  I have a big soft spot for those.  He’s been true to his mate, Lanthe since he met her when they were mere kids.  Five hundred years later, there’s a lot of heat that needs to explode.  And explode it does.  When Thronos claims his mate you will be nothing but a puddle of goo on the floor.  Did I mention the horns?  I’m a sucker for horns!

utc-top-pickOf course, I can’t just talk about my obsession, the hero.  Lanthe is a witch and it is no secret that I love the witches in this series.  They are a fun bunch, and almost as much as the valkyries, they will keep a male on his toes.  As much as Lanthe holds the anger about what she perceived where Throno’s actions all those centuries ago, her love and connection with this male cannot be denied.  But she won’t be oppressed either.  She’s everything I love in a kick ass chick.

But lets get to the story shall we?  Expect the unexpected.  Nothing is as it seems.  There are revelations with every turn.  Things will get much worst and when you think there is no hope left, Kresley Cole will twist that knife in just a little deeper.  This is not for the faint of heart.  Once this book gets going, it will not stop.

To be honest, I didn’t want this to end.  This is one of my favorite books of this year so far.  Kresley Cole is a master at her craft, giving us so much wit and humor, chemistry and sensuality.  All while driving a story that not only finally gives Thronos and Lanthe a much needed HEA, but this book further explores the IAD world as a whole.  Don’t blink, you will want to pay attention to every detail as it will only give you more excitement for things to come.  After 14 books in this series I would’ve never suspected to say that each book gets better.  Favorites come and go, but this series is only getting stronger and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Favorite Quotes:

His head rushed towards her body.  She braced for a vicious strike of his horns.  Instead of hitting her, he rubbed the base of one over her shoulder and neck, marking her with his scent.

“Melanthe is” – everything missing from my life –  “my ideal female.”  She wasn’t thus because she was faultless, but because he adored even her faults.  He didn’t just want her, he needed her.  They were each halves of a greater whole.

*ARC provided by author


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  1. I absolutely adored this review. I am so glad I read it. I was in no great rush to read Dark Skye. Come on let’s face it, book 14, this series had to be running out of steam. That and I am running behind in my reading. So why hurry, right? Your review has changed my mind. Kresley Cole has always been one of my go to authors. You know the kind you buy as soon as they come out, you don’t wait for them to make it to the used book stores. The one I would spend what little spending money I had on. But my tablet is overflowing with books-to-be read and reviewed, so I thought, I can wait. Not after that review. So thank you, for letting me know that Kresley hasn’t lost any of her magic and thanks for the wonderful review. I will be sharing this review to my FB page and my FB group “Books, ‘Coffee, and Crafts”. I might even share in on my blog. Great review.