“In typical Christine Feehan tradition, Dark Lycan teems with action, adventure and deep emotion.” ~Under the Covers

As a die-hard Christine Feehan fan, I must tell you I have been eagerly awaiting this turn in the series. Ever since Dark Celebration, where Dimitri is revealed to be Skylar’s Lifemate, I have been concocting possible outcomes to this gut-wrenching story. Then I was told by someone who has attended Ms. Feehan’s conference that she was not going to write Dimitri and Skylar’s story and I became frantic. When the continuation was finally announced I did a very public happy dance and began the countdown until I could have a copy of this much sought after story in my hands. Granted, it’s not Skylar and Dimitri yet, but it’s Christine Feehan in all her brilliance.

Carpathian, Fenris Dalka returns to the Carpathian Mountains after an extended absence for his brother Dimitri, he has also begins tracking a rogue pack of wolves that is being lead by a Vampire/Lycan who is set on destroying every Carpathian and human in his path.

Tatijana of the Dragonseekers has had a hard existence so far. She and her siblings were virtually encased in ice by their evil Mage father, Xavier for centuries. When she is finally freed from her prison she wants to experience all she possibly can without being under someone’s thumb. Awakening one night, as she often did without her Carpathian guardians knowledge, Tatjiana goes off to a village tavern to experience some of the local normalcy. Fenris Dalka is there also, almost drawn nightly by the exquisite Tatijana. Once their eyes meet, they know their lives are changed forever. Fen attempts to deny his destiny because she is a wanted creature.

 No longer fully Carpathian, Fen has also become Lycan and once the two have merged, they are hunted by full Lycans, who call them Sange rau, or bad blood. Fen must hide his identity from an elite group of Lycan hunters who have been in search of the rogue pack of wolves wreaking destruction  across the Carpathian countryside. When Tatijana crosses Fen’s path, simple attraction is not even the issue but basic Carpathian instinct is and once Fen discovers his Lifemate in Tatijana and she restores his ability to see color and feel deep emotion, she is his biggest asset and his biggest liability.

When Fen realizes that the rogue wolf pack is being lead by not one, but two extremely powerful Sange rau, he must risk his exposure to help save Prince Mikhail and his Carpathian people from assured destruction by these wicked creatures who are near invincible in a fight. Tatijana overcomes her disdain to being tied to her Lifemate real quick when she understands the consequences and throws herself into the fight for her race’s well-being and the survival of her most honorable Fen.

In typical Christine Feehan tradition, Dark Lycan teems with action, adventure and deep emotion. The Carpathians are like no other. They worship their women and children and protect their own and humans fiercely. This basic theme continually comes across in the Dark Series. Fen and Tatijana are amazing characters, both independent and both extraordinary in their differences. Their intense attraction is only the tip of the iceberg in this epic story.

This is the 24th in the Dark Series and it is fresh and innovative with the Lycans finally having such a large role. The secondary relationship between brothers, Fen and Dimitri is a strong and thriving one. It’s refreshing to see how protective they are of one another and how deeply they feel for their loved ones. Dark Lycan is a fabulous beginning to Dimitri and Skyar’s tale. Ms. Feehan has a winner with Dark Lycan, a stellar continuation for the Dark Series. Now bring on Dark Wolf!!!

*ARC provided by publisher

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    1. Hey Timitra! Thanks for the comment! I am very satisfied with the progression towards Skylar and Dimitri.. Enjoy Dark Lycan girl