I have wanted to read a Jacqueline Carey book in what seems like forever.  I’ve been attracted to and purchased quite a few of them, but never managed to set aside the time to read them.  Then this book comes along with this beautiful and fun cover and I just caved and had to read it.I think I’m in love.  This book is not the dark and gritty urban fantasy I thought I would get by reading a Jacqueline Carey book and for me, in this story, it worked marvelous.

DARK CURRENTS is fun, it’s spunky and it has a lot personality.  It’s unique and entertaining.  Starting out with a heroine, Daisy, that I found very down to earth and relatable.  At the same time she was a lot of fun and someone that you just want to hang out with.  She can be badass when absolutely necessary, even though I think she has some growth to do in that department.  She has a really cool profession.  Her human job is as a paper pusher at the sheriff’s office but because she’s a supernatural she is starting to be more involved in investigations.  Her supernatural job is as Hel’s agent.  And no, that’s not a typo.  Hel is a Goddess, not hell as in flames.  She is in charge and in power of keeping the order in the human realm and inter-relations between humans and Hel who rules the supernaturals on earth.

Ms. Carey masterfully introduces us to the very unique supernatural world of this series and more importantly to what’s going on in Pemkowet.  For the amount of world building that took place in this book, not once did I feel like there was an info dump.  Such a smooth and amazing job!

The story revolves around a murder mystery, which I always find interesting.  The supernatural community in Pemkowet is shaken up, as well as the human sheriff’s office, when a college boy is found dead, who presumably drowned.  The police department has to find the killer before the supernatural connection is brought to the public’s attention.  A little bit of mystery and intrigue.  A whole lot of normal in the midst of chaos.

I think that was my favorite part.  This book has a lot of normal.  Daisy is a normal girl, with normal issues.  Except maybe one not so normal appendage, but I thought that was cute and funny.  She also has a crush on a hot guy, Cody, and she is now put in a situation where she has to work with him to solve the murder.  She has a best friend who likes Cody as well.  But Jen is human and Cody is a shapeshifter. Then she meets the Master ghoul in town, Stefan, who is hotter than hell and very powerful.  And there’s a human who can see auras, Sinclair, thrown in the mix for good measure.

While solving a murder she still has to perform her job as Agent of Hel and normal early twenties girl.  Wanting to hang out with her BFF, saving her BFF’s brother, hanging out with a family of werewolves, and chasing a mermaid.  You know, the usual.

When I finished reading the last page of this book I truly wanted more.  I want to know who Daisy will end up giving a shot to be with her.  I want to see her grow into her powers.  But as much as I am dying for the next book, the ending of this one was a bit anticlimactic after the awesome build up throughout the book.  This is why I can’t give this book 5 stars.  Other than that, this was a masterpiece and a keeper for sure!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I must read this since Jacqueline Carey’s “Kushiel” books are some of my favorite books ever! Have you read them? Great fantasy/alt-history/erotica/romance epic stories!

  2. Hope you enjoy it Krista.

    Glad to keep adding to your pile, Maria 😉

    No I haven’t read the Kushiel books but I’ve wanted to for a long time. From what I hear this one is more like her Santa Olivia book.