The first I want to point out is that this book was different from the rest of the series.  Of course the first point is that in no way is it related to race car driving.  The second point is that there suspense part of this book was a lot less than in previous stories.  So for that I’ve decided to label this more of a contemporary romance instead of a romantic suspense, the suspense was just a dash on top.That being said, this might be my favorite book in this series.  Yes, that might have something to do with the fact that there is a hot rockstar hero, and you know I’m a sucker for rockstars.  But I think the whole package of this story worked.

The third thing I want to point out is that the author must really have a bone to pick with Ashley Bristol.  Ashley is the heroine of this book.  We met her in book two of this series as the best friend of that book’s heroine and then she almost got killed in a scaffolding accident intended to kill Quinn.  She survives that and then at the beginning of this book she has another mishap that leaves her blind.  Yes, for 90% of this book, maybe more, she was blind.  And there are a few more attempts on her life in this book.  Ashley is officially the cat with 9 lives!  And through all that she is cheerful and happy and positive!  I loved her attitude and her outlook on life.  How she faced things as they were presented and was able to meet new people and make friendships and connections, even though she couldn’t see what those people looked like.

So now that I’ve told you how awesome Ashley is, lets talk about Mel/Seger.  As I mentioned before, a rockstar.  A rockstar that maybe has been in the business too long, jaded.  He’s taking a “vacation” at one of his properties and pretending NOT to be himself.  He doesn’t want to be Seger the rockstar but Mel the man.  When his sexy neighbor turns out to be blind and doesn’t know who he is he finds he can be his true self with her.

Mel and Ashley were really a great couple.  One of those couples that are fun and loving, that you just want to hang out with and wish for their happy ever after.  Except for the fact that Mel doesn’t tell Ashley who he is and lives a “lie” with her.  When her biggest dislike is liars. Then there is the minor obstacle of an obsessed girl/stalker/fangirl.  Paula is creepy.  No other way around that.

I think this story was great  It was light and sweet with a dash of danger.  I was rooting for Ashley and Mel the whole time and I think their coming together as a couple was perfectly timed and believable.  I am now very curious to see where this series will go since I wasn’t expecting this story to turn out the way it did.

*ARC provided by publisher

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