ARC Review: Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas

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ARC Review: Crystal Cove by Lisa Kleypas
Crystal Cove
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Released: Feb 5, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 320

“Once I started, I was compelled to turn the pages and know what happened next.” ~Under the Covers

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating.  Lisa Kleypas has a way with words.  The ease of her writing is astonishing every single time.  She can truly write a novel that flows almost effortlessly and draws you in until you are living and breathing in her world.

CRYSTAL COVE was no different.  I devoured this book in less than 24 hours.  Once I started, I was compelled to turn the pages and know what happened next.

Other than the beautiful writing and sweet storylines that she’s always known for, CRYSTAL COVE has again an amazing set of characters.  Justine is a spunky heroine that believes love is out of her reach.  But truly there is a curse in her family and the men they fall in love with are destined to die.  So she’s preferred to stay alone.  Better NOT to have loved and than lost.

And Jason is the typical millionaire that is so popular nowadays in romance books.  He’s all powerful, has all the money in the world, lives a very methodical lifestyle where everything goes according to his wishes, and …. he also has a dark secret.

“The fissure of a crescent moon gleamed white and clear like a claw mark in the sky. A night made for magic.”

CRYSTAL COVE is also a bit different from the rest of the series in that Ms. Kleypas does delve into the paranormal and magical aspects that were previously just hinted at or where not the main focus of the story.  Although, ultimately, this is a story about Justine and Jason, this is also very much so about magic for both of them.  In the previous books that was less prominent.  However, being a reader of paranormal, I didn’t have a problem with the deeper exploration of these topics.

Another surprise in this one was the addition of some BDSM.  To be quite honest, that’s the main reason this book didn’t get a 5 star review for me.  I read BDSM normally, it just didn’t quite work to where it needed to be for Kleypas.  It didn’t feel like real BDSM, it just felt like she wanted to put the characters in that position and then didn’t know how they should act once they were there.  Yes, he ties her up and all that.  And yes, this makes sense with his character because he is very controlling in every other aspect of his life.  I’m just not sure if BDSM works for Lisa Kleypas.  Ultimately, I couldn’t wait for that scene to be over and done with so they could get back to more sexy loving.  And this book did have quite a bit of hot, sexy loving.

This may not be my favorite book in this series, I still think nothing can compare to DREAM LAKE, but it was definitely a great addition and it has me wanting LIGHTNING BAY that much more.

Fantasy Cast:

crystal-cove-justine crystal-cove-jason

Favorite Quotes:

“I didn’t know happiness came in these flavor,” she said absently, her head on his shoulder.
“Marshmallow and chocolate?”
“And you. My favorite flavor.”

“If I had a soul, I’d have sold it for a chance to see you like this.”

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  1. Jason Black is dark and has wonderful Asian skin…so Gosling is a bad choice. I love this book, and agree about the BDSM. It felt to me like the publisher was trying to be current with the Fifty Shades mode. It just was unnecessary. Not bad, very sexy, but why? Once again, the love story is terrific even if the reader does do with the metaphysical. I love the /friday Harbor series. I’ve been there it is beautiful.

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