The mixture of heartbreaking romance, loyalty and devotion, not to mention some sizzling sexy times kept my eyes glued to my kindle. ~ Under the Covers

We have finally arrived at Wyatt Conner’s book, something I have been eagerly awaiting since I read Defying the Oddsthe first book in the Battered Hearts series. Wyatt is the Sheriff of Garnet, just like his daddy and his daddy before him going on for five generations and although he loves his job, his twin sister and his best friend, Wyatt is missing the most important thing in his life. His wife. Tabitha left Garnet thirteen years ago in tragic and mysterious circumstances, but now she is finally back and Wyatt is determined not to let her go this time.

Although I have really enjoyed the last two books in this series and highly recommend you give them a try, Crossing the Line is by far the best book and well worth waiting for; just thinking about it puts a big cheesy smile on my face and brings a tear to my eye. The mixture of heartbreaking romance, loyalty and devotion, not to mention some sizzling sexy times kept my eyes glued to my kindle.

This book spends a majority of the time in the past showing the budding relationship between Tabitha and Wyatt, which started when they were children. I am not normally a fan of books that spend a lot of time jumping backwards and forwards in time, but it was essential to know what happened in the past to understand the present, it also did a fantastic job of showing the close relationship Wyatt has with his twin sister Jules and also the beginning of his friendship with his best friend Clay. All this combined made for a rich storytelling experience as you see different aspects and relationships developed in their life’s not just the romantic ones.

But the romance between Tabitha and Wyatt is what tugged at my heartstrings, the love and devotion they feel to one another pours off the page, leaving you in no doubt that they are soul mates, even at the worst of times. Kele Moon has managed to infuse the whole story with their adoration and dedication so that you are right on the ride with them, making it even more heart wrenching when that ride gets bumpy. And you can see why they love each other; Wyatt would definitely be a finalist for “The Perfect Man Competition” he may have a big mouth that doesn’t always say the right thing, but at heart he really is the hero that Tabby paints him to be. Tabitha was also a great heroine she had a quiet strength and was utterly loyal to those she loves, to her own detriment sometimes and I couldn’t help but really like her.

This book was fantastic, it deals with some dark issues such as child abuse and neglect without it being overwhelmingly dismal, whilst still offering some lighter moments. But most of all it has a fantastic love story that will make you laugh and cry as you watch Wyatt and Tabitha fight for a well deserved happy ending.

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  1. I’ve seen several times this book on Facebook,the cover is very nice,and after reading this review,which is awesome review,definitely I will put on my TBR 🙂

    Thanks for recommendation Suzanne 🙂

  2. this book sounds intriguing…with the relationship already established and going back to show how it all began ….also, it helps readers get closer to the couple and get more involved in the story….thanks suzanne