“Heaton did a great job making it sweet and romantic.”~Under the Covers

 Cavanaugh was shocked to see his mate after leaving his pride all these years. Being the next Snow Leopard in line, Cavanaugh is the true alpha of his pride. Unfortunately, the duties and responsibilities did not bode well with him, so he left bput he swore he’d go back one day for the woman he love.

Eloise is determined to find and bring Cavanaugh back to their pride for him to take his place as alpha and restore peace back in the land. But it’s not that easy as it seems. They will have a bit of adventure full of dangers, getting to know each other again and of course to win back his Cavanaugh’s place.

Eloise and Cavanaugh’s adventure back to their pride was such fun story to read. Despite their issues in the past it was obvious how much they still cared for each other. I was afraid the refusal to see it would bring too much angst to the story but Heaton did a great job making it sweet and romantic. It’s also not a surprised that this book packed a good punch of action scenes. Of course, this has become a usual for Ms Heaton. It’s why I keep reading her books. She has yet to disappoint me.

*ARC provided by author


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Craved by an Alpha





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  1. I read book 1 of this series and couldn’t really get into it. I like the characters and storyline but it seemed to drag even though the book wasn’t that long.