“CRAVE is a bit playful and sexy.” ~Under the Covers

Archer has had the hots for his best friend’s sister for a long time.  As a known playboy, and a guy who’s sworn he would never marry due to the bad marriage his parents exposed him to, he decided he would never get too close to her.  Ivy wasn’t the type of girl he could play around with and go away unscathed.  If for no other reason, his best friend would kick his ass.

Ivy and Archer have always bickered.  So when Ivy realizes there’s an attraction on her part when he starts flirting with her, she’s a bit shocked.  But she quickly realizes she can just have one hot night (or affair) with him and no one would have to know.  She understands he’s a playboy but he might just be what her heart needs to heal from the breakup she recently experienced.

CRAVE is a bit playful and sexy.  For a novella, this was a well constructed story that managed to pull you in from the beginning.  It wasn’t hard to get involved with the characters quickly and the story didn’t lose anything because of the length.

I love books about guy friends.  I also love books about the guy friend falling for his best friend’s sister.  In theory, this was a great story that really had it all to be a winner for me.  But it was just enjoyable, short of awesome.

I am happy though that this book didn’t have the same billionaire feeling that’s floating around in the book world.  Archer is just a guy with money, a little spoiled and used to getting what he wants.  And he may not know what that is until it hits him in the face.

Overall, this was a quick read (I read this while on a short plane ride).  I enjoyed it and it was definitely squirm worthy.  I am interested to see what happens with the next billionaire in TORN.

*ARC provided by publisher

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