“With just a hint of a holiday theme, this book can be read anytime of the year.  ” ~ Under the Covers

Cowboys for Christmas was a very quick read but each novella are long enough you can enjoy each story to the fullest. The overlapping of the three stories making one was well done.  With just a hint of a holiday theme, this book can be read anytime of the year.

Love Me, Cowboy by Terri Osburn

Claire had always had a thing for her best friend’s little brother, in fact, she still have not forgotten what they have done when they were younger. Unfortunately, it never went anywhere.  Little did she know, Tyler has also never forgotten.  In fact, he still had feelings for.  This wedding get-together will give them a window of opportunity to make things right.

~I love that Tyler was confident enough to consider Claire’s insecurities.  He was patient patient with Claire and and I think his flirting helped break down her walls.  Their story of second chances was sweet and cute.  It gave this book a good start and it sets the tone for the rest of the stories.  

Kiss Me, Cowboy by Liz Talley

Despite her despise for this town, Georgia will not miss her friends wedding.  She is after all the one of the few that treated her with love and respect while others with disgust due to her family’s “poor” status. While she made something of herself, she still feels like she doesn’t belong.  Meeting the town’s Vet will change that.  Reed knows exactly what he wants hence moving to this small town.  He’d planned out everything.  Now, just waiting for the right one to complete his dream and he may actually have found her stranded in the middle of the road.  The question is, can he make her stay in the town she hates.

~Reed and Georgia are as opposites as can be.  Even their dream love are opposite of each others’ but wow, talk about opposites attract. They had just met but everything one lacked the other filled in the space.  Reed is sexy, flirty and the innuendos had me laugh out loud.  I just enjoyed how he kept Georgia grounded and made her see what is in front of her instead of running away.   I love this couple, their encounters were funny and sweet.  

Marry Me, Cowboy by Kim Law

Claire and Georgia’s story both lead the this story.  Their best friend’s wedding.  Mary Catherine may be making the biggest mistake of her life.  There had been a few mistakes and misunderstandings a few years back and everything is riding on clearing that up before it’s too late.

~I really can’t say much on the recap of this story because of spoilers but Jax and Mary Catherine’s story was my favorite of them all.  Their story is one full of regrets, broken promises and a lot of misunderstandings.  This story is a bit more emotionally charged than the first two stories.  My heart broke for them but the end result was heart warming.  I love strong stories of second chances and Kim Law is good at that.   .

If you haven’t read Kim Law, this is a great book to start with. It surely opened up me up to Talley and Osborne’s work which I plan to read soon.

*ARC provided by publisher

Cowboys for Christmas
Book 1

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