“Ms. Cutler did a fabulous job with this installment. She never fails to bring a good Western romance with a hint of mystery.” ~Under the Covers

In this installment, the Sorentino sisters are doing better than ever. The Bed and Breakfast they had started is doing well , and they are inching towards financial freedom. Thank God for that, because these sisters did not have it easy. Unfortunately, the town of Catcher Creek is not all that happy with their business. In fact,  there have been several attempts to let the sisters know, and it has become quite deadly.

Rachel is the second sister of the series. She is the sister that held it together and the one that stayed home to take care of her parents. But honestly, after meeting her from The Trouble with Cowboys, you know there was more to her than what she shows. There are definitely secrets she keeps especially one that included Sheriff Vaughn Cooper.

I really enjoyed this novel as much as The Trouble with Cowboys. I loved Rachel and her responsible sibling role. I thought she was a strong woman in her world and protected what is hers. Though she had that persona, Ms. Cutler still gave her vulnerability making her character more believable. And who better to sweep her off her feet but the Sherriff of their town. I just adored Vaughn. He is an all-American Cowboy-Hero in every way; from his looks, manners, confidence, protectiveness, and to his sexual appeal. Wait until you read about his sexy and sweet sides. And I have to tell you the strength of this book is the sweet and romantic side of Vaughn. It’s what I loved most anyway.

Ms. Cutler did a fabulous job with this installment. She never fails to bring a good Western romance with a hint of mystery. As I mentioned in my review of The Trouble with Cowboys, Ms. Cutler can deliver sexy cowboys. This book just proved my point because Vaughn is sexy as hell. I can’t wait until the next book, “How to Rope a Real Man” which will be Jenna, the youngest Sorentino’s story. I’m pretty sure her story will be a tear jerker.

*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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