Colters’ Promise takes place around the holidays in Clyde, Colorado . We find the entire Colter clan planning to spend the holidays together. Holly and her husbands, Adam, Ethan, and Ryan are now in their fifties, proud parents of their wonderful brood. Holly is so excited to finally have all of her children in one place that she plans to do something unprecedented with the help of daughter in law Lily.

Lily on the other hand is having a crisis of her own that has her beloved husbands thinking she is unhappy with her life with them. Her past is haunting her and struggles to get beyond it.

Callie and Max decide to bring in Max’s sister Lauren, who has been terribly abused by her boyfriend. Callie and Max travel to New York to bring Lauren home to understand the true meaning of family.

When a health issue lands Holly in the hospital, every Colter unites to make this Colter Christmas the most memorable for all.

In Maya Banks’ Colter’s Promise, we get snippets of each the couplings in the family. We see how after so many years together, Holly and her men are still so in love and still show each other every single day how they feel. Through example, their three sons, Seth, Michael and Dylan show Lily how to trust and open herself to them. Max strives to balance his dominant side with her complete love for his wife, the only Colter daughter, Callie.

I really enjoyed this Colter tale. I only wish it could have been longer. A Christmas reunion is such a wonderful story to tell. You see the family at their highs and some lows and you even get some wonderful surprises that are perfect for the time.*ARC provided by publisher

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