COLD BLOODED is my favourite of the series so far! ~ Under the Covers

What were your first impressions when you finished COLD BLOODED?

Annie: COLD BLOODED ended up being my favourite of the series so far. I loved the emphasis on humor and the action was tightly-written, throwing in some surprises here and there that I wasn’t expecting!

Angela:  I agree with you Annie!  Cold Blooded is THE BEST installment by far.  Ms. Carlson had me at the very edge of my seat.  There were so many twists and turns and nonstop action.  Jessica and Roarke were amazing together..   Other thoughts were of Ray, Naomi, Danny, Tyler and even the Witches.  I was excited with their character’s progress and involvement in the book.  But what really grabbed me was Jessica’s kick ass role.  She really rocked this book, IMO

In this book, we finally get some sexy time! What did you think? Was it all that you had hoped for?

Annie: I was SO GLAD Rourke and Jessica had their time together! For the entire series, their sexual tension has been off the charts and now we finally the explosive nature of them together in this book. I was pleased and am looking forward to reading more!

Angela:  Oh my gosh, I have been waiting for some Roarke action and Ms. Carlson delivered on her promise.  I love that we finally find out what kind of shifter he really is.  I love that he was able to stand back and let Jessica be the leader that she is.  And of course, Roarke and Jessica had their moment of hotness.  That was long overdue and well deserved.

What was your favorite part of the book?

Annie: I died laughing at the scooter part. It was hilarious and getting to see Rourke all pissy was fun to read!

Angela: My favorite was at the very end.  The suspense was off the roof and Jessica showed all her kick ass moves.  She really had grown so much as the alpha of her pack and she now has full control over her powers.  I have to say that the action at the end really had me reeling!!!

Finally, what is your overall impression of COLD BLOODED?

Annie: As I mentioned earlier, COLD BLOODED is my favourite of the series so far. Filled with action, hilarious antics and a heroine that I adore, the Jessica McClain series continues to get better with each thrilling instalment.

Angela:  COLD BLOODED was a gripping read with its action pack scenes and strong well developed characters.  I just loved every bit of this book.

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  1. Interesting review,I really like it! 🙂

    This series sounds really cool,looking forward to read,when,I don’t know :D,but I hope so in near future 🙂