“…a fast paced story which balanced the suspense plot and the romance really well.”
~ Under the Covers

I need more romantic suspense in my life. As that’s the case, I have been picking up new authors and giving them a try. And,what better way to try new authors than with a novella? You get to sample an author or series without investing your time in a full length book. In this novella, our heroine and her daughter has managed to run from her, now dead, abusive husband. But it’s harder than she thought living out from underneath his shadow, especially when, even in his death, he manages to torment her. Will she ever be able to escape his evil, or will she die still trying to run?

Now I’ve read this book, although it isn’t really indicated anywhere it is clear that this is part of one of Mary Burton’s wider series. The action involving our heroines escape, and the death, of her abusive ex seem like they were integral to the plot of another one of Burton’s books. Did that stop me from being able to understand this book? No, I got the general jist. But I definitely detracted from me feeling any depth of relationship between Nicole, our heroine and David – a police detective- our hero.

But, I did enjoy this book. It did exactly what I wanted – gave me a sample of Burton’s writing so I could decide if I wanted to pick up any of her other books. And I do. She has written a fast paced story which balanced the suspense plot and the romance really well.  I can’t wait to see how she handles a full length book.


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