ARC Review: Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane

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ARC Review: Christmas Kitsch by Amy Lane
Christmas Kitsch
Book Info

Released: Dec. 9, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance, LGBT
Pages: 256

CHRISTMAS KITSCH is brimming with tender moments that will melt your heart. This is a book you want to squeeze to your chest because you love it so hard.~ Under the Covers

CHRISTMAS KITSCH is a lovely M/M New Adult title that brings the holiday spirit in spades and also explores the hardships of young love.

Amy Lane’s writing has always been fully encapsulating, but I think she had something special on her hands. Rusty Baker puts the dumb in dumb blonde. I’ll be honest, he can be a little clueless at times, but in a way, it also makes him more endearing. Rusty is the stereotypical rich boy. He is also a football player and that combination doesn’t usually strike me as someone I want to read about. However, it’s his romance with Oliver Campbell that really does it for me. Right from page one, you get the sense that although Rusty doesn’t have a clue about his feelings and what to do about them, there is no one else out there for him but Oliver. It’s really a romantic notion once you realize it.

Lane starts off the story where Rusty and Oliver are just two kids hanging out as friends. As things progress from there, the constant presence they have in each other’s changing lives is what really made this book work. Rusty tries going to school for pre-law and that’s where he meets Rex, a fun and …curious friend who is trying to help Rusty out. Rex is such a great character. I would love to read more about him. I definitely think Lane has the potential to make something work with his strong character.

But back to Rusty and Oliver… When Rusty’s parents learn more about who Rusty is, it puts him in a difficult spot. Though he doesn’t hesitate on making his decision, readers get the sense that something is missing, even though Rusty fakes it quite well. The angst is present and very well done but above all, the unconditional love that Rusty and Oliver share really balances it out. Expect some tears, but I don’t necessarily think all of them will be sad ones. CHRISTMAS KITSCH is brimming with tender moments that will melt your heart. This is a book you want to squeeze to your chest because you love it so hard.

I am so happy to find a M/M New Adult book that does it all right. The angst, the humor and the passionate romance are all perfectly executed in this novel. It doesn’t hurt that it also has a touch of the holiday spirit as well. I will definitely be recommending this title to friends this holiday season.

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  1. I adored these guys too. Rusty is just…gah, well he’s Rusty. Oliver is special because he’s into Rusty. I’d love to get more about Rex. He’s a personality. Thanks for sharing.

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