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Elisabeth Barrett gets readers in the holiday spirit with CHRISTMAS IN TAHOE. A sweet and sexy novella set in Lake Tahoe, you can bet that this story will have you grinning from ear to ear!

Ann Smith made plans with her friend Mandy, but unexpectedly, a good-looking stranger shows up in her place. When Annie learns that her friend will be a no-show for their holiday plans, Ann then decides that this stranger named Chase Deckert might be a good way to save her trip. In their long, but sexually heated drive to Lake Tahoe, sweet banter and sizzling tensions rise until Annie realizes she doesn’t want to fight it anymore.

As a fan of Barrett’s writing, what I enjoy most about her work is the fact that she creates such likeable heroines. Annie’s character has her flaws, but in the span of pages, she does from Silicon Valley actuary to a fiery seductress who goes for what she wants.

Barrett also pairs Annie with a sweet and endearing hero in Chase. What I enjoyed most about his character was that he never tried to force Annie to do something she wasn’t ready for. Any development in their relationship came naturally and it’s actually quite interesting to see such progression in a novella because you don’t have a lot of words to play with. But I found that Barrett handled it nicely, creating a sweet, but also very sexy romance between Annie and Chase while also injecting readers with a cheeriness that comes with all Christmas stories.

Sweet and sexy – this little novella has what it takes to appeal to the masses.

*ARC provided by author

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  1. Like how sounds this story 🙂
    Seems like perfect story for the Holidays :))

    Thanks for the wonderful review and recommendation Annie 🙂