After not enjoying the second book Chosen by Fate as much as I expected to, I have been pleasently surprised by this one! Focusing on Dex Hunter the werebeast of the Para Ops team he starts to look into the mysterious shapeshifters, the most persecuted species of Other, they are being connected to strange killings and the raising of dark spirits. With the help of Jesmina Martin, the mysterious vampire from Chosen by Fate, will they be able to stop what the shapeshifters are planning, the unleashing of hell on Earth…So far this has been my favourite book in the series and Dex and Jes are my favourite couple. They both have dark pasts and a lot of emotional baggage to work through before they are able to move forward. If you like your H/h full of tortured heroes and their equally angsty heroines you will love this book. This also seemed to give you a glimpse into the next book, hopefully about Lucy. When I first started this series Wraith was my favourite but as the series has gone along, surprisingly it is the quiet, loyal and compassionate feline mage, Lucy, that has now become my favourite, I really can’t wait to read her well deserved HEA.

The case with the shapeshifters was also interesting to read about, although this was more romance driven then the other two book, the plot seemed to take a backseat to the love story, it still held my interest. But it was the development of the overarching plot of this series that I really enjoyed, I really can’t wait to see what will happen with the Quorum and with Zeph.

Although I don’t think this will become a favourite series it is an enjoyable read filled with enough sex and violence to hold my interest!

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