The Changeling series by Ms. Harper is starting to come close to a perfect PNR series for me. I adore the simplicity of the world, the family atmosphere, and the storylines on each book are always interesting. This mixed in with just the right characters, always likeable, and you have a hit!Changeling Dawn was no different. In continuing to follow the Macleod family, this time is Kenzie’s turn. Due to being hunted when she was a child she’s always had a distrust of humans. Always preferring to associate with her own kind. But she has made it her life mission to study humans. She is now looking for proof that maybe humans and shifters are not so different because she knows one day, maybe soon, they will have to come out.

When she goes off on her own to research a remote archeological site, she finds more than she expected. Not only does she find her mate, who just happens to be the most adorable and hot human you’ll ever come across, but she finds an orphan shifter, still in wolf form.

Something obviously happened to the little girl and she has to figure it out.

Did I already mention how much I love the characters? Well Kenzie is no exception. She’s tough and independent. Set in her ways. But at the same time she has such a good heart and sometimes follows her heart, and maybe other parts of her anatomy, and shuts off her brain. I liked that about her. She didn’t necessarily fight her attraction to Josh as much as I was expecting.

Now let me tell you about Josh. Puuurrrrrr. He is funny, smart, a man of many talents, animal lover, human but with a special ability. He can see the auras of shifters and recognize them as such. And shifter or not, when he sees Kenzie he’s in love.

Together they try to help the little shifter and uncover a bigger scheme. An organization that has known of the existence of shifters and has been kidnapping them for experiments. Now is up to them to try and stop them.

This series is a must buy! There’s romance, there’s intrigue and some action. A wonderful world and a wonderful set of characters. You won’t want to miss it!

*ARC provided by author

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