“Ms. Loren did splendidly!  It was fresh, engaging and incredibly sexy!” ~Under the Covers

Have you ever read a book and immediately thought…Now that is how this storyline is done!…?  Well I felt like that during most of CAUGHT UP IN YOU.  With the somewhat popular theme lately of having the damsel in distress heroine who comes from the wrong side of the tracks, has had a hard life and not necessarily been a good, stand up girl her whole life.  And we have the successful, suited, a bit dark, intense and kinky billionaire that comes to her rescue.  A lot about that set up can go wrong for me.  Ms. Loren did splendidly!  It was fresh, engaging and incredibly sexy!

Wyatt, better known by me as the Asshole Brother, is Jace’s older brother.  He’s so career focused and uptight it always seemed like he couldn’t get that stick out of his ass, let loose and be a nice guy.  Who would’ve thought in his very methodical life he had also made room for a routinely visit to a diner because he fancied looking at the waitress’ ass?  But there he is, trying to work and getting his daily dose of the perky Kelsey when all hell breaks loose and her past comes crashing into her life…and Wyatt’s.  And Wyatt swoops in as protector, almost even making it on his white horse.  But without losing that intense edge.

I loved that Wyatt is a confident and dominant man, who knows what he wants and the best way to get it.  I loved that he doesn’t just jump into her life, a sort of stranger, and expects to take over every detail.  I loved that he is a Dom to put other Dom’s to shame, and he’s quite creative.  I can’t say you would get bored in the bedroom, or out of,  with Wyatt.  Be prepared to have a bucket of ice cubes handy to cool you down!  It’s lip-biting good!

Then there’s Kelsey.  Even though she’s been through so much and again is in danger and down on her luck financially, she’s still independent, a fighter, her chin up and ready to face anything with a smile and tenacity.  She has her skeletons in the closet, which Wyatt has to tiptoe around until he can put them to rest, but she’s not new to the lifestyle even though she’s new to the submissive role. Kelsey is actually a Domme at The Ranch and Wyatt has to train her to be a sub.  This made for a very interesting dynamic.

I have to admit I have a hard time choosing which one of Ms. Loren’s Doms is my favorite because they are all equally awesome!  But let’s just say that Wyatt is now because all his sexy goodness is at the forefront of my memory.  And he’s got that tall, dark and intense thing going for him.  As always, this just leaves me anxiously awaiting her next book!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I haven’t read this author’s work before but in definitely going to look into getting some…thanks Francesca!

  2. Thanks for the review – this is another series I need to catch up on – seriously need to squeeze in more reading time