“Caleb and Aurora are not instant combustion, they are a slow burn.” ~Under the Covers

There are two parts of this book for me.  There’s Caleb and his story and romance, then there’s Ben.  Lets talk about Caleb first.  At the beginning of the book I thought Caleb was sexy, in a dark and brooding kind of way.  He’s a Texas Ranger, willing to do everything to serve his country, even when that requires that he’s away from family.

He is tasked with kicking a “person” off government owned land.  He was not expecting to get there and find a woman, let alone a lady blacksmith who has been running her shop from that location for years since her husband’s death.  Aurora is not a girly girl, at times she can be worst than a man.  But she’s tough and she’s a survivor.  She’s probably the best thing that could’ve happened to Caleb to push him out of the funk he was in mentally.  A girly girl couldn’t have done that for him, since he kept pushing them away.  I can’t say these were my favorite characters in the series, because Brody is still #1, but they are both strong characters and fighters.  I love that about them.  Caleb was also caring and tender.  It was so great to see them both have a chance to take care of each other.  Caleb and Aurora are not instant combustion, they are a slow burn.

Then there’s the fact that every step of their relationship and what happens in this story leads them to Ben.  And as much as Aurora and Caleb’s romance was great, my heart was all about Ben.  We’ve been reading about this poor little boy who was taken from his family home and basically sold into slavery.  I’m overjoyed that he is back with his family and that he can start his healing process.  At times he broke my heart, and others he gave me hope.  I can’t wait to “see” him smile again.

My only complaint about that was that I expected even more emotion when he reunited with his family, but I understand they have to give him time.  I can’t wait now for the next one, both because I want to read Elizabeth’s story, whom I love, but to see Ben’s progress.

*ARC provided by author

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