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ARC Review: Bound by an Angel by Mackenzie McKade
Bound by an Angel
Book Info

Released: October 9, 2012
Genre: Erotic Romance
Series: Ties That Bind #3
Pages: 248


Everytime I read a Mackenzie McKade book I reaffirm the fact that I think she can write an amazingly hot story, she can bring to life the characters and she can also deliver a story I am interested in reading and connect with.  Even though the scenarios that she comes up with would be the farthest for me to relate to.

So picture this…hot, rich cowboy who runs his own operation.  Most eligible bachelor in town and all that.  With a kinky reputation for liking some threesome action, being really good in bed and maybe even being into some tying up and spanking.  On top of that, he’s gorgeous.  That could be intimidating for anyone, but especially for city girl Tess, who moved from California after her parents death to follow her brothers dream of owning a farm.  She is now left responsible for three siblings and not much time or space to be wild and young and free. Except for when wild and young and free comes knocking.

How can you really go wrong with a cowboy that is totally alpha, can give you some kink but is possessive and jealous (mine!!!!!) and who actually falls hard for a woman that is not all glitz and glamour but that has some substance?  Well, you can’t!  Clancy Wiseman is my type of guy from beginning to end and everything in between.  Bad boy but sweet, domineering but understanding.

Tess is, aside from a very lucky girl, playful.  She’s had a lot dumped on her lap and she’s given up a lot to be where she is today.  Her family, her siblings, come above all else, including herself.  She’s strong in her everyday life so it was nice to see her loosen up and see how Clancy got through those walls.

Then there’s their third.  Mmmmmmm….. Sexy and fun, knowing his limits from the get go, and then helping them along.  Just perfect.  Can’t wait to read his book, because I’m sure we will get it, right?

This just makes me mad because, although I did read the first book in this series, which was a great Holiday menage story, I didn’t read book two.  And that was where Clancy got introduced by being the third in that relationship.  I definitely want to go back and read that because I feel there was a great connection between the chracters from that book and Clancy and we got to see a bit of that in this book as well.

*ARC provided by publisher

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