“BORN IN BLOOD marks the start of an entertaining paranormal series I’ll definitely want to read more. ” ~Under the Covers

BORN IN BLOOD started out very promising to me.  I’m not really sure why, the vibe of the story had an X-Men feel to me (even though it’s actually necromancers right now).  But people with powers or supernaturals are considered freaks in the world that Ms. Ivy constructed, and they live for the most part in a compound away from humans.  And they don’t mix aside from the occasional time they work together.

Duncan is a cop who is not having the best day.  He is called to a scene where there’s a body of a woman missing a heart, with no obvious signs of how that happened.  Regular necromancer liaison Callie Brown is called in to make a connection to the soul and re-live her last few moments to find out how she died.  Except she can’t.  The killer is a high-blood.  And they are dealing with someone much more powerful than her.

The first 30-40% of this book had my full attention.  I enjoyed the sexual tension between Duncan and Callie and how much Duncan was just trying to outrageously flirt and assume they would end up in bed together. The story has the classic paranormal romance feel that I’ve been missing in some of my reads lately.  Nothing too complicated or elaborate.  Just a good story with characters that caught my attention.

But then the story suddenly fizzled out for me a bit.  Although I found the second half interesting and I wanted to know what the end result would be, I lost interest in the main couple.  This could be because we got some fade to black moments I thought we shouldn’t have.  Or just because their love developed a bit quickly for me being that they didn’t have that much of a back story.

BORN IN BLOOD marks the start of an entertaining paranormal series I’ll definitely want to read more.  Even though this particular story had some ups and downs, I think the author has something good going on with this series and I’m curious to see where she goes from here.  Especially with the Sentinels!

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Thanks for the review, PNR is not my go to but I like to read some. I usually only read PNR that have received rave reviews by numerous reviewer/bloggers.

  2. Sounds like this could be a fun series and I have heard good things about Ivy. Sorry the story lost interest to you in the second half. Still sounds like it could be worth a try though.