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Nora Stephens is a literary agent that is ruthless, in the publishing world she’s known as a shark, always striving to get her authors the best deal possible. Nora is a heroine to her clients and her little sister Libby. She’ll do anything for her sister, so when Libby asks her to go to Sunshine Falls, North Carolina for all of August, Nora agrees. Libby has plans to put Nora through all the small-town romance tropes to help her find love. But instead of carpenters or a hot doctor, Nora runs into Charlie Lastra, a book editor from the city. As Nora and Charlie keep running into each other, after all, small towns are, well small, they realize that they might have a lot in common and that their stories might intertwine.

Book Lovers is a beautiful story about sisters and being the main character in your own life. Emily Henry writes well-developed complex characters and I think that she wrote one of my favorites here, with Nora. Nora was incredibly relatable, funny, and caring. Emily Henry explored how far someone might be willing to go to help their younger sister find happiness in a raw and relatable way. I appreciated how Emily Henry addressed the ways in which sisterly dynamics can be unhealthy and how different perspectives of childhood can be. As I was reading this, it made me want to call up my sister and check in with her. I know there was romance in this, but the relationship I adored the most was Nora and Libby’s. My heart was full as they waded through their grief, childhood experiences, and how much they loved each other.

I do want to note that I appreciated how accepting Charlie was of Nora. Their relationship progression just made sense, with how well they clicked and understood each other. Their banter is everything I aspire for mine to be in real life, witty and cutthroat.

Get ready to laugh, cry, and swoon as you meet Nora, Libby, and Charlie and the crazy town of Sunshine Falls, North Carolina.

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