What I love most is how she [Zanetti] weaved the action and suspense with the romance.  There was a good flow and never a dull moment. ” ~ Under the Covers

Genetically engineered, Nate Dean and his brothers escaped their creator but still not quite free. Their lives are still in his hands but their mission is to completely rid of their past ties and live as they wish. Nate Dean is desperate and will seek help from someone he once love even if they are from opposites sides of the spectrum.

Audrey Madison works for the very mad man who is responsible for creating genetically engineered soldiers and to boot, her mother is his right hand man, aka, mad scientists.  She had fallen in love with one of the soldiers, Nate, some time ago and seeing him again brings back all the hurt she had gone through.  But she is stronger now and when faced to make hard decisions, she will pick right.

Time has passed but Audrey and Nate’s feelings never changed.  Zanetti easily supported that making their union as smooth as if time apart never happened.  I enjoyed how easy it is for this couple to come together after some time of being apart.  Nate was determined to get close to Audrey, demand answers and take back what belongs to him.  I just love how Alpha he can be and man, he is hawwwt!!!

I am very happy that Nate finally gets his own HEA.  As much as he denied it, it was what he’d always wanted and it is well deserved.  Zanetti did a great job with his story.  What I love most is how she weaved the action and suspense with the romance.  There was a good flow and never a dull moment.  I especially enjoyed when all the brothers are together.  And speaking of brothers…the whereabouts of their other brother, Jory, was finally revealed.  I’ll tell you this much, there will be another book. =)  I am excited to meet Jory and to find out how they will defeat their creator.

*ARC provided by publisher

Forgotten-SinsBook 1 Sweet RevengeBook 2 Blind FaithBook 3

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  1. Loved the review Angela. I loved all three if these books and I can’t wait got Jory’s book.

  2. I loved Nate’s story too, Angela. And yes, the blending of genres is a strong part of the series.