Ms. Eden had brought out the inner rock star groupie out of me.  ~Under The Covers Book Blog

Ms. Eden had brought out the inner rock star groupie out of me. I was pleasantly surprised with Ms Eden’s work. She did a fabulous job with this first installment of Reckless Beat series, bringing in a hot rock star hero and a plain Jane heroine together to get the happily ever after they deserve.

Alana Shelton’s story is every woman’s fantasy. After having a sheltered life, she is ready to find the world on her own by going to a Reckless Beat’s concert! How fun, right? Well, Alana finds herself in the middle of a concert with lead guitarist Mitchell Davis taking total interest on her.  And here’s were my fantasy comes in, Mitchell spots her from the crowd and stares at her while he plays.  I must have nearly passed out reading that scene alone.  Mitchell, on the other hand, is the total opposite of Alana.  Obviously, he’s a total hottie with a bigger than life back ground.  He wasn’t a play boy but being on the band gave him his share of wild moments.  When he sees Alana, he knows something is different about her.  She is plain as they come and that just caught his attention.

I love Alana and Mitchell’s love story.  It is a classic rock star romance, where plain Jane captures the heart of a rock star.  I love the courting between them, though it was in the fast lane, I felt the romance was real enough…in my head anyway.  These two had very steamy scenes together, in and out of the bedroom.  They even ventured into a mild exhibitionism/voyeurism but very hot! Well hell, who wouldn’t want to tame the sexy guitarist and have him beg for your love?  Mitchell will do just that and give Alana experiences of a lifetime.

Blind Attraction had me reeling and squirming during my read. Ms. Eden can write steamy scenes no doubt about that.  She also brought in a good balance of romance and humor that made me laugh-out-loud.  I am very excited about this series.  Ms. Eden did a great job setting up for the next book.  Blake I believe will be our next rock star and let me tell you; he has an open demeanor that will for sure give us an interestingly hot read.

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful review. I can’t wait for the second book in the series. Eden Summers is one of my favorite authors. I agree, she can write some great steamy scenes! Her ability to create believable heroes and heroines is astounding.