“BLACK FALLEN is another good addition to the Dark Ink Chronicles series, sexy vamps, bad angels, a very powerful heroine and a goth and gritty story.” ~Under the Covers

At the end of EVENTIDE I was quite excited about the fact that there would be a change of scenery for the series and the crew was going to Edinburgh, joining another team and hunting a different set of baddies.

Then BLACK FALLEN rolls around and at the beginning I thought it was all interesting, going to see new places and learning new things.  Except that the learning curve got stuck there for a while.  It felt like about half the book was an exercise in getting situated in Edinburgh, training with their new team, and Riley touching all the new people she met and getting flashbacks of their lives, which was a cool way of getting to know the, I might add.  But just a little bit was discussed about the Black Fallen.

“The Black Fallen are angels engulfed in the darkest of magic.  They’re obsessed, powerful, and completely undetectable.  They’ve zero conscience.  They move among humans as one of them, and only another fallen one can recognize them straight away.  They’re from an ancient realm of holy and unholy, if you believe in that sort of thing.  And they’ll not stop until they have what they desire.”

Although the Black Fallen were scary and I thought a great storyline to follow, I would’ve liked to see more of the battles with them throughout the book and, like I said before, a little less of all the training.

Then there’s Riley.  I love her and she kicks ass, but sometimes she just pisses me off.  For example, how many books will it take for her to learn to talk about the weird things that happen to her?  Hasn’t she seen time and time again that she could’ve avoided a lot of trouble if she had said something to Eli sooner?  But I digress.  And speaking of Eli, I could’ve used a little more Eli sexy time.  Just saying.

The haunted house storyline added a bit of creepy to the story that I liked and I think it worked well in the setting.  But I admit…I missed Savannah, Georgia.  I missed the tattoo parlor, I missed Nyx…I missed the whole gang that was left behind.  As much as I thought I was ready for a change I don’t like that they weren’t there and I think the setting being in GA has been so much a part of this series it was like taking a character out as well.

However the last say…30% of this book was really good.  Things started clicking into place and speeding up, we got action and answers, and I really like where the author went with the Black Fallen storyline.  Although that might’ve been an easy way to resolve the issue being that she made them almost invincible.

But BE WARNED… There is a major twist towards the end of this book… I gasp, I didn’t quite cry but I might’ve screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”…. Twice.  I do trust that the author has set that up to make it a great storyline for the next book.

BLACK FALLEN is another good addition to the Dark Ink Chronicles series, sexy vamps, bad angels, a very powerful heroine and a goth and gritty story.

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